My name is Lisa W Breitholtz and I work as an artist and designer. 

I paint mainly in oil, acrylic and charcoal, often adding textile applications to my artwork. 

I sell lithographs and prints of my original paintings mostly through interior design stores and online web shops. Parallell to my own explorations I sometimes do request assignments both for private persons and business corporations. For architects, interior designers and art associations there is more info to be downloaded under ”Galleries & Stores”.  

For more info give me a call on + 46 (0)709 39 89 81 or email [email protected].


Feb 2016

Exhibition at North modern Copenhagen.

Jan 2016

Exhibition at Formex Young Designers.

Aug 2015

Exhibition at Formex Next step.

Jan 2015

Exhibition at Formex Young Designers.

August 2014

Exhibition at Formex Young Designers.

April-May 2014

Solo exhibition Preera

January 2014

Solo exhibition at the Valentin & Bhyr

March 2013

Solo exhibition SCA

February 2012

Solo exhibition at AstraZeneca

January 2012

Solo exhibition at SVT (Swedish state Television)

April 2011

Started my studio / shop, Sveagatan 20 Gothenburg.

April 2011

Solo exhibition at Gallery Nils Åberg.

2011 Design Manager for booths at Arkitekturmässan

together with renouned furniture designer Staffan Holm.

February 2010

Furniture design for SA furniture, exhibition furniture fair

November 2009

Solo exhibition  Sockerbruket vid Röda Sten.


Developing Material Fusion - Swedish Exhibition Centre.

March 2008

Materials & Functions, Elmia Fair

November 2007

Solo exhibition, Bellvu in Stockholm. - painting

In spring 2007

Furniture Fair, Stockholm International Fair

Materials & Functions, Elmia Fair

Autumn 2006

Subcontrator, Elmia Fair

Nominated for the Future Design Days Award, RÅVARA

Nominated for Art & Business Award, RÅVARA

Nominated for Elmia Design S, RÅVARA

Spring 2006

Stockholm Furniture Fair, Stockholm 

Fashion Fair Rookies, "Cookies for Rookies" West Swedish artists and designers. Älvsjömässan

Scanplast, Swedish Fair

Wood & Technology, Swedish Fair

Materials & Functions, Elmia Fair

Spring 2005

Student Exhibition at Röhsska Museum. "The Horse" sculpture

scale 4x6 m which was about confinement and built with the help of

inmates in a prison.

Autumn 2005

Design exhibition ERA 05th

Future Design Days.

2005 - 2009

Started the company RÅVARA, which was a meeting point between industry

designer, architects, artists etc focusing materials and

manufacturing techniques. RÅVARA was a materials library, a magazine

and a database.

Autumn 2004

Finalist in the competition "Future meeting" Exhibition at

Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Summer 2003

"The Dream Gallery" traveling exhibit from Helsingborg to


Spring 2003

Student Exhibition at Konstepidemin "Waiting Room Art".

In autumn 2002

Exhibition at Gallery Fish at Röda Sten, "The Little Dog"


Bachelor & Master Degree in Fine Arts, Textile Fine art, with set design as additional option. HDK, School of Design and Crafts.


KV Art School fabric options.


Schillerska school, aesthetic applications. Fine Arts